Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

  • The Power of Custom Designed Photography Backdrops: Why They Are Worth the Investment

    Photography backdrops are an essential tool for any photographer, whether you're a professional or just starting out. While there are many pre-made backdrops available on the market, investing in a custom designed backdrop can take your photography to the next level. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of custom designed photography backdrops and why they are worth every penny.   Unique and Personalized With pre-made backdrops, you may find yourself using the same backdrop as other photographers, resulting in similar-looking photos.

  • Investing in Beauty: The Benefits of Fine Art Photography Prints

    Finding decor that both resonates with you on a personal level and makes a statement about your style and taste can be a daunting task. For those looking to elevate their surroundings, fine art photography prints offer a unique blend of artistry, individualism, and investment potential. In this post, we'll explore just what makes these prints a standout choice for art connoisseurs and home decorators alike. Fine art photography is not just a picturesque addition to a room; it is a conversation starter, a mood setter, and a lifelong companion on the wall.

  • An Elopement Photography Session

    An elopement is an intimate wedding that can take place virtually anywhere that a couple decides upon. An elopement photographer helps a client customize the setting where they will exchange vows. The photographer can assist with capturing moments before, during, and after the wedding. The Setting An elopement is a personalized event that focuses on the two people who are getting married. The setting of the elopement can be reminiscent of a past event that the couple participated in.

  • 3 Tips On Hiring A Videographer To Capture A Memorable Wedding

    When you envision your wedding, you may imagine an unforgettable experience you want to capture to remember for the rest of your life. However, while photos can capture a lot about the experience, you may know that videos can provide a complete memory. A smart move is to commit to hiring a wedding videographer to capture an incredible wedding on film. Multiple Videographers A single videographer can film all the most important events at the ceremony and reception.

  • 5 Tips To Make Your Baby Look Good On Camera

    Sometimes babies make really funny faces, smile at the wrong time, or just won't keep still for a photo. Whether you have a professional who photographs your baby or you take your own photos, here are five awesome tips to make your baby look good on camera and create awesome memories. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere The first step is creating a relaxing atmosphere for your baby. If you're trying to photograph him or her at home, this means turning off all the lights so there's no harsh glare on their face and keeping any distractions like TVs or phones out of sight.

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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

The best way to keep your special memories alive is to hire a professional photographer to capture them as they happen. But after working with hundreds of professionals over the years as a special events planner, I know first hand that not all photographers are created equally. Some can really focus in on their human subjects to capture emotion that comes right out of the photos, while others are more attuned to making the surroundings in a photo stand out like a 3D feature. So I figured that I could help people who are looking to hire a photography find the best possible fit for the occasion that is going to be documented. Learn the right questions to ask, find out what types of skills to look for, and figure out what tools and resources are needed to capture all the details of your special event.