Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

An Elopement Photography Session

by Ernest Cox

An elopement is an intimate wedding that can take place virtually anywhere that a couple decides upon. An elopement photographer helps a client customize the setting where they will exchange vows. The photographer can assist with capturing moments before, during, and after the wedding.

The Setting

An elopement is a personalized event that focuses on the two people who are getting married. The setting of the elopement can be reminiscent of a past event that the couple participated in. It can also showcase common interests that the two people share.

An elopement can be held at a public venue or outdoors. The two people who will be exchanging vows should research some places where they may want to hold their wedding. During the research process, the future newlyweds will find out about the reservation policy that a property owner requires.

If an elopement will take place at a dining venue or another public business, the couple may need to prepay a deposit for the date that they plan to exchange vows.

The Portfolio

An elopement photographer will likely have a portfolio of their past work. A couple can review the portfolio during their first consultation with the photographer. The portfolio will showcase a series of photos that were taken during former elopement ceremonies.

The portfolio examples can help clients choose a setting or the type of photography processes that they want the photographer to use during a scheduled elopement.

A Custom Session

An elopement photographer will use backdrops, lighting, and props to prepare each setting where photos will take place. 

The photographer can be hired to take a series of photos of the newlyweds, plus take some pictures of the friends and family members who will be attending the elopement. A couple may prefer to have some pictures taken before their big day. If so, they can request that the photographer performs a private photoshoot.

Once the preliminary photos are taken, the photographer can be scheduled to take pictures on the day that the wedding vows will be exchanged.

The Services

The photographer will set up all of the photography equipment in advance. They will provide their clients with a schedule that corresponds to the order in which the photos will be taken.

After the elopement event has concluded, the photographer will schedule a time to meet with the newlyweds. During this meeting, the newlyweds will be able to review the pictures that were taken and select the ones that they would like to purchase.

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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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