Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

  • Thanks, But No Thanks: Three Reasons To Skip Hiring Your Friend To Photograph Your Wedding

    Although a friend who enjoys snapping selfies with his or her smartphone camera can be fun to have on vacation with you, this skill shouldn't automatically translate into you deciding to hire him or her as your official wedding photographer unless the friend has significant experience doing this job. Sure, it might be tempting to use a friend as a cost-cutting measure and avoid the process of shopping for a photographer, but doing so puts you at risk of being dissatisfied with the end result—and that's something you might have trouble accepting for years.

  • The Unconventional Convention: 3 Must Haves To Attract Millennials

    When planning a conference or convention, you'll draw in more of the 80 million millennials if you remember that their preferences, aesthetics and must-haves are a bit more complicated than those of earlier generations. Be sure these 3 features are a key part of your next business meeting, convention or conference if you want the millennials to attend: 1) Open spaces and multiple venues. Millennials are driving trends in business gatherings with their reluctance to stay confined to small rooms or meeting spaces for long periods of time.

  • 3 Things To Check Before You Hire A Wedding Photographer

    A wedding photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding. They are there to capture for all time you and your new spouse in the first moments of your life together, and they manage to document moments in your wedding and reception that you might not notice at the time. That's why it's essential to do the research that ensures you hire the right photographer for your wedding.

  • Planning Your Reception? 3 Ways To Make Your Photo Booth Rental A Success

    Are you renting a photo booth for your wedding reception? Although you might assume that your guests will gravitate towards that party focal point and snap some fun shots, your addition could fall flat unless you plan accordingly. Here are three ways to make your photo booth rental a success, so that your guests can have a great time: 1: Direct Traffic Towards the Booth Sometimes when people plan a party, they forget to factor in the flow of foot traffic.

  • 5 Creative Ways To Display Your Wedding Photos

    Do you love your wedding photos, but are unsure of how to best display them? Wedding photos are often delivered in a book, a CD, or both. However, guests in your home aren't likely to spend time flipping through an album or watching pictures scroll by on a computer monitor. While a few framed pictures here and there may look nice, you also probably don't want framed wedding photos to overrun your home's decor.

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    Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

    The best way to keep your special memories alive is to hire a professional photographer to capture them as they happen. But after working with hundreds of professionals over the years as a special events planner, I know first hand that not all photographers are created equally. Some can really focus in on their human subjects to capture emotion that comes right out of the photos, while others are more attuned to making the surroundings in a photo stand out like a 3D feature. So I figured that I could help people who are looking to hire a photography find the best possible fit for the occasion that is going to be documented. Learn the right questions to ask, find out what types of skills to look for, and figure out what tools and resources are needed to capture all the details of your special event.