Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

  • Interested In Aerial Photography? 4 Different Types You Can Choose From

    If you are interested in aerial photography, there are different types you can choose from. Different types of aircrafts are used for these photographs, which may be an airplane, helicopter, or a hot air balloon. To help you get started, below is information about four of these types so you can decide what type of aerial photographer you would like to be. You can then get the training you need to start your new career.

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Promotional Video

    Many businesses use promotional videos that they can embed on their websites and share on their social media accounts to raise their profile. Even if you operate a small business, a promo video can be an asset when it comes to making prospective customers aware of what you do. You might be inclined to shoot and edit your own video, and the quality of your smartphone may make it seem as though this is a good idea.

  • A Few Reasons To Hire A Professional School Photographer

    There are times in life that are almost too sweet to forget. One such time is high school, particularly senior year of high school. This is one of the last times when friends can be friends and not have to worry about house payments and other life stresses. No matter how good a memory is, this wonderful year of life may fade away. The football, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, and all other extra curricular activities unfortunately do not continue for most people.

  • Creating Your Own "Old-Time" Photo Sessions

    "Old time" photos are a fun way for people to remember vacations. If you are interested in starting your own photography business in your home town, it's worth knowing how to make your photos look old-fashioned and what else you need to do in order to create dynamic and interesting shots. Understanding How to "Age" Photos There are a variety of ways that you can "age" your photos to make them appear older.

  • Tips For Creating A Great Storyboard

    If you are planning on shooting stock photography or some other video, you are going to need to storyboard your ideas in order to make sure that you have a clear road map for your video. This will allow your video to have consistent tone and style, as well as a coherent story line should you be planning to add one. Here are some tips for creating a great storyboard for your video.

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    Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

    The best way to keep your special memories alive is to hire a professional photographer to capture them as they happen. But after working with hundreds of professionals over the years as a special events planner, I know first hand that not all photographers are created equally. Some can really focus in on their human subjects to capture emotion that comes right out of the photos, while others are more attuned to making the surroundings in a photo stand out like a 3D feature. So I figured that I could help people who are looking to hire a photography find the best possible fit for the occasion that is going to be documented. Learn the right questions to ask, find out what types of skills to look for, and figure out what tools and resources are needed to capture all the details of your special event.