Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

5 Ways To Ensure Your Photography Backdrops Will Generate Sales

by Ernest Cox

For many portrait photographers, backdrops are critical to their business models. You want to know your backdrops will attract a customer's attention and ultimately generate sales. How can you be sure your next backdrop will be a sales driver, though? These 5 tips will help you improve the odds customers will love your collection of backdrops and find ones they want to use.

Go Custom

Every photographer has some version of a backdrop with a blue sort of sky. If you want to impress customers, a good collection of custom-designed photography backdrops will get the conversation moving. You can create backgrounds no one else has, and that will lead to other customers seeing the results and showing interest, too.

Offer Options

Try to offer a range of options. Some customers want specific backdrops with identifiable features. For example, someone might want a backdrop with a pastoral scene. Conversely, the next customer might want an abstract backdrop that plays with a few colors. Also, some customers will want to use several backdrops to create a set of images.

Take Notes

Over time, customers will tell you what sells. You should already have a digital inventory of their photos. Cross-reference this inventory with your sales records to see what has driven sales. Make notes about colors, tones, and themes that work. If you're not already tracking your sales, images, and backdrops, start doing so right now.

Also, don't be afraid to think about which backdrops propelled big purchases. You want to think about how to replicate the sorts of sales that can take your business to the next level. Bigger and longer custom design photography backdrops might allow you to do more shoots with families, for example.

Keep the Standbys

Some customers are going to need the boring stuff. The next director of your local Chamber of Commerce, for example, probably won't want to make a statement with their headshot's background. Your goal is to build a solid collection of backdrops rather than driving all of the old ones off.


Especially with backdrops that feature specific locations, it's a good idea to have some that feature local themes. The weather isn't always great, and a studio shoot is a good way to get a desired picture without the hassle. Identify a few key landmarks and incorporate those into custom design photography backdrops. Particularly in tourist areas, these options can drive business.


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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