Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Purchase, Rent, Or Design Backdrops For Your Child's Birthday Party Photoshoot

by Ernest Cox

A photo backdrop that consists of a vinyl banner that possesses vibrant colors, themed props, or textured fabric can be utilized during your child's birthday photoshoot. If you are going to throw a birthday party for your child, set up several backdrops and take group and individual shots that highlight some of the festivities that the guest of honor and the invitees have taken part in.

Explore Some Backdrop Styles

You can purchase standard backdrops that consist of fabric or vinyl panels that can be secured to a wall, an easel, or a cart that contains a metal frame. Some other options are to acquire materials through a business that rents out photo booth equipment or to create a series of backdrops that contain personal details that are symbolic of your child's milestone.

If you are going to buy or rent some backdrops and props, use the party's theme to guide you in choosing backdrops that will be complementary. For example, if you are hosting a "Fun In The Sun" birthday bash, an appropriate kid photo backdrop may be one that contains a picture of ocean waves, sandcastles, and aquatic animals. 

Design Some Custom Backdrops

If you are ambitious about making your own kid photo backdrops, choose a part of your property or a room inside of your home that will be utilized during the photoshoot. If the party will be held at night or if you choose a room that tends to be dim, you will need some drop lights or light bars to aid in taking photos that will be visible and colorful.

Purchase fabric or vinyl that will be used as the main component of each backdrop. Secure balloons to the fabric or add a painted design to the vinyl to add interest to each material. Think about ways that you can customize each backdrop to symbolize the party.

Some felt letters that spell out a congratulatory message for your child or a hand-drawn picture of a cake or another birthday item can be added to each backdrop. Before you begin the photoshoot, decide upon the grouping for each photo and the order in which the children's photos will be taken.

Begin the event by taking a group photo of everyone who is present. Afterward, take some individual shots. Use paper crowns, balloons that are secured to sticks, and wrapped gifts as some of the props that you use in conjunction with the backdrops. 


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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