Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Setting Up A Headshot Lounge For Your Tradeshow Attendees

by Ernest Cox

Tradeshows can be extremely useful venues for those that are looking to promote their services or products. These professionals will often benefit from being able to distribute headshots of themselves to potential clients. Unfortunately, many people will fail to appreciate the utility of having a headshot with them during the tradeshow or they may fail to bring enough. In these situations, providing access to headshot lounge services can be an invaluable to your attendees.

Always Hire Professional Headshot Photography Services

Retaining a professional photography service to take headshots of your guests and attendees can seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, individuals often assume that a headshot will be the easiest type of photography. However, it can be surprisingly challenging to provide headshot services at a tradeshow event due to issues with controlling lighting and temperature. Considering that many of these headshots are going to be used for professional purposes, retaining an experienced photographer that is used to working in these challenging situations can be the most efficient option.

Be Mindful Of The Challenges Of Offering Hair And Makeup Services

It is common for those hosting the headshot lounge to assume that they will need to provide hair and makeup services for those wanting to get their picture taken. However, this is an unnecessary expense, and it may even cause considerable problems by making the entire headshot taking process last much longer. Simply providing a table and mirror may be a better option, as it will allow individuals to quickly ready themselves for the photograph without slowing the line. If you insist on offering hair and makeup services for those wanting headshots, you will need to consider the additional time that will be needed for people to be able to move through the line.

Include Amenities For Those Waiting In The Headshot Lounge

Depending on the number of guests attending the tradeshow, as well as the capacity of the headshot lounge, there may be a line for individuals that are wanting their photograph taken. Unfortunately, individuals responsible for setting up headshot lounges will often fail to consider this reality, and this can lead to them failing to provide amenities for the comfort of those waiting. At a minimum, you should include ample seating and keep the area air-conditioned or at least well-ventilated. If the waiting area is too hot, those waiting for their picture can start to sweat, which may make it harder for them to get ready for their headshot.


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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