Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Ideas For Making Your Corporate Event Videos Interactive

by Ernest Cox

Corporate events can improve staff engagement and retention. They can give you a place to wine and dine your favorite employees or to bring in leaders for group training activities. If the events are focused on networking, they give attendees the chance to meet more professionals in their industry and refine their elevator pitch. Regardless of why you're holding a corporate event, you may want to hire someone who does corporate event video production services to record some of the event. 

However, you don't necessarily have to do a static video. Instead, you can create an interactive experience. Here are some ideas to consider. 

Stream Live Footage

You don't have to wait and release your corporate video after the event. Instead, you may want to stream some of the event as it's happening. You can stream videos into the facility so that attendees can see what's happening in other parts of the event. Or, you can post videos onto your social media accounts or your corporate website so that people who aren't in attendance can attend the event remotely. 

Integrate a Video Wall

If you want to stream live footage or have other interactive video elements at the event, you can use a number of small TVs or even let people access video on their own devices by going to a certain website. But for the most stunning effect, you may want to integrate a video wall. 

A video wall consists of a number of small direct view LED screens. They can each have their own display, allowing you to showcase multiple videos or other types of content, but they can also work together to display a large seamless display. 

Use Social Media Hashtags

Get attendees or people who are following your corporate event remotely involved with social media hashtags. Basically, people post updates on their social media accounts, using a certain hashtag. Then, you can either let the social media comments get displayed automatically, or you can review comments before uploading them to the video wall or however you opt to share your content.

Add "Choose Your Own Adventure" Elements in Post Production

Corporate event videos don't just have to be interactive at the event. You can also make them interactive after the event. To that end, you may want to talk with your corporate event video production company about putting "choose your own adventure" elements into the video in post-production. 

For instance, if the videographer has captured footage of the president of the company talking as well as an interview with someone from the sales team, viewers can opt to watch either video. In other cases, they can start a video, and at the end, they get to choose between a couple of different options to continue their video watching journey.  

Layer Buttons onto the Video 

You may also want to layer buttons onto corporate event videos to make them more engaging. Buttons can take viewers to a new site, to another video, to a purchase page, or anything you like. To give you an idea, imagine the videographer capture a clip of one of your managers talking about the importance of strong communication skills. Then, at the end of the video, a button appears, prompting your viewers to follow the link to an online communication training module. 

Encourage Social Sharing

Finally, encourage people to share your videos. Tell employees to share clips with colleagues who couldn't make it to the event or have them share videos on their own social media pages to show the world a bit more about your corporate culture. Let recruiters share relevant clips on LinkedIn or similar sites. There are all kinds of ways to make social sharing a core component of your interactive videos. 

To learn more about getting corporate event video production services for your next event, contact a videographer at a company like Seamless Motion Production directly. Also ask them about ideas to make the process interactive. 


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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