Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

3 Great Tips For Aspiring Actors Looking For The Perfect Headshots

by Ernest Cox

In acting, having professional headshots is important for landing gigs. After all, these pictures are aspiring actors' first impressions to casting agencies. To ensure your headshots represent you in a positive light -- helping you get more gigs -- consider these tips. 

1. Wear the Appropriate Makeup 

You want your headshots to be elegant, not focus on imperfections on your face. These are perfectly common to have, such as wrinkles, but you'll want to hide them by wearing makeup. Even if you don't know much about makeup, it's not difficult to master if you remember certain things.

For one, you want to make sure your makeup is light and evenly applied. This will give you a more natural look that's not too off-putting. Use gel to achieve a fuller, healthier look for your hair. As far as applying powder, you can never use too much. It's important for giving your skin even tones and reducing shimmer on the camera.

2. Choose a Competent Photographer

A huge factor that will determine how well your headshots come out is the photographer that you work with. Some are better than others, and you need to choose carefully to ensure you're happy with the end results.

First and foremost, you always want your photographer to have a lot of experience. Veteran photographers have more tricks up their sleeves as far as lighting techniques and angles to use. It's also important that you're comfortable with this professional. You can then loosen up and act more authentic when having your picture captured for your career. 

Lastly, always look through a photographer's portfolio. These pictures are a very good indication of how competent and skilled a particular photographer is.

3. Master the Art of Posing 

Even if you're attractive, your headshots can still come out bad if you pose incorrectly. Even slight errors in your posture and body position during these headshots could spell trouble. That's why you need to master the art of posing ever before having your picture taken. 

Some rules to live by include keeping your hands away from your face, having level shoulders, leaning forward at the right distance, and portraying the right facial expressions. If you're struggling with your poses, consider working with a specialist like a former model or acting consultant. They can recommend certain adjustments based on what they've seen work in the industry. 

Becoming a full-time actor may be something you want to pursue. To set yourself up for success in this highly competitive industry, you need perfect headshots. Getting them will involve making the necessary preparations and using the right resources. 

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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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