Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Promotional Video

by Ernest Cox

Many businesses use promotional videos that they can embed on their websites and share on their social media accounts to raise their profile. Even if you operate a small business, a promo video can be an asset when it comes to making prospective customers aware of what you do. You might be inclined to shoot and edit your own video, and the quality of your smartphone may make it seem as though this is a good idea.

While there's no doubt that you can likely make your own video, you should give some thought to hiring a professional for this task. Here's why video production services are better suited for the job.

The Quality Will Be Evident

Even with a decent smartphone and a video editing app on the device, there's little question that your video will have an amateur feel to it — and this might defeat your goal of projecting a professional look with the help of your promo video. When you hire a video production professional to help you, he or she will use not only a good camera or two, but also professional lighting, which is something that amateur productions typically lack. Additionally, the editing quality will be superior to yours, giving a truly professional appearance to your video.

You Have Better Things to Do

When you run a small business, it can be tempting to try to save money by doing things yourself. However, you must also know when it's better to step away from a task and pay a professional to do it. Working on your own promo video falls into this category. The time that you'd end up dedicating to shooting and reshooting, teaching yourself how to edit, and actually editing, would probably be better served when put toward actually running your business. When you hand off this task to a professional, you can focus on the projects that are more important.

Ease With Future Changes

Many people who have business promo videos will want to eventually make changes to the video. Perhaps you wish to add another social media account name to the end screen, or maybe you need to change some pricing information. If you struggled through the editing process yourself the first time around, you might bristle with the idea of trying to relearn the editing app and make the necessary change a year or two down the line. Conversely, video production pros keep your working files on their computers, which means they can make the necessary changes quickly and at a low cost to you.

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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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