Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Creating Your Own "Old-Time" Photo Sessions

by Ernest Cox

"Old time" photos are a fun way for people to remember vacations. If you are interested in starting your own photography business in your home town, it's worth knowing how to make your photos look old-fashioned and what else you need to do in order to create dynamic and interesting shots.

Understanding How to "Age" Photos

There are a variety of ways that you can "age" your photos to make them appear older. Shoot in black and white and smear the camera lens with Vaseline, leaving only a small hole in the center to let in light. This will create that "halo of light" that is so common in fading photos. Use a lens that's a little older and less expensive to create a more rugged look.

Once you upload your photos to a computer, you can then touch them up a little bit using photo-editing software. There are a variety of settings that allow you to create this unique look, so experiment with which one looks best for your needs.

Props to Add to Your Sessions

Choosing props might be the trickiest part of your business, as it will depend on your area. For example, setting up an "old time" photo session business along the lines of fishing business might require buying costumes and props that reflect your business, such as fishing poles, ponchos, and parrots.

Likewise, if your home town has a fixation on old Western history, you should try to include appropriate items, such as cowboy hats and prop guns. Make sure to buy a wide variety of props in multiple sizes for men, women, and children.

Framing Fun Shots

Many "old time" photography sessions just throw random items on the subjects and let them take whatever pose they want. However, if you are willing to take a little time to master dynamic tension in photographs, you can make the photos more successful and interesting.

Dynamic tension is the art of using curved lines to emphasize different sections of a photo. For example, you could have one person (dressed like a saloon girl) standing on the edge of the photo with her leg turned inward to create a line. Behind her, a robber could casually hold his gun to point in a different direction than her leg, an angle that complements the angle of the woman's leg and draws the eye in an engaging way.

With these tips, you can succeed in your "old time" photo sessions and create a thriving business. The idea is to satisfy your customers, so make sure to try out new poses and take multiple shots in order to get things just right. You can also look at what other companies, such as Four Sisters Old Time Photo, are doing so that you can stay up with the industry. 


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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