Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Thanks, But No Thanks: Three Reasons To Skip Hiring Your Friend To Photograph Your Wedding

by Ernest Cox

Although a friend who enjoys snapping selfies with his or her smartphone camera can be fun to have on vacation with you, this skill shouldn't automatically translate into you deciding to hire him or her as your official wedding photographer unless the friend has significant experience doing this job. Sure, it might be tempting to use a friend as a cost-cutting measure and avoid the process of shopping for a photographer, but doing so puts you at risk of being dissatisfied with the end result—and that's something you might have trouble accepting for years. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why hiring a pro is your best bet.

Photography Involves Being Assertive

Having a keen photographic eye and snapping impressive shots while on vacation is a whole different ballgame from organizing a wedding party into an official portrait that will hang on the your wall. Professional wedding photographers have experience with not only the technical side of their business, but also the personal side—and are skilled at taking charge and organizing each element of the shoot. Someone without experience might lack the confidence to step to the forefront of the wedding venue to snap a breathtaking photo or take charge when the wedding party doesn't know how to stand properly. An experienced professional, meanwhile, knows that doing so is part of the job and has extensive experience making these assertive decisions.

Technical Know-How

It takes someone with ample expertise to deliver high-quality results in changing settings. At an outdoor wedding, for example, the bride and groom's faces can be shaded under a tent but have their bodies backlit by a glaring sun. A professional will not only know how to deal with this situation, but will also have experience and knowledge of the best angles from which to shoot and the right gear to deal with nature's challenges. Professionals have seen virtually every wedding scenario that would otherwise baffle an amateur and know whether it's best to make a quick lens change or scramble to catch the moment from another angle.

Grace under Pressure

There's little doubt that shooting a wedding can be a stressful affair for the photographer, who has to make rapid adjustments to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments forever. A professional knows how to work quickly and calmly to deliver the best shots from each moment, rather than spending too long to set up one shot and running out of time. Whether it's a bridesmaid's fluttering hair on a windy day or a groomsman who doesn't enjoy smiling, a professional wedding photographer will not only notice these issues, but will also deal with them efficiently and calmly to ensure the shots turn out perfectly.


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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