Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Planning Your Reception? 3 Ways To Make Your Photo Booth Rental A Success

by Ernest Cox

Are you renting a photo booth for your wedding reception? Although you might assume that your guests will gravitate towards that party focal point and snap some fun shots, your addition could fall flat unless you plan accordingly. Here are three ways to make your photo booth rental a success, so that your guests can have a great time:

1: Direct Traffic Towards the Booth

Sometimes when people plan a party, they forget to factor in the flow of foot traffic. Instead of carefully thinking about where guests would naturally walk and where they might want to go next, novice party planners might just put up buffet tables and chairs wherever they find room first.

Unfortunately, if you don't think about the flow of your party, traffic could move away from your nifty photo booth. However, you might be able to fend off problems by directing traffic. Since photo booths are a great ice-breaker for your guests, try to put your booth near the entrance of your party. To make your guests feel comfortable, consider posting fun signs that say things like "This way for pictures!"  When your party guests know where the booth is and feel welcome to use it, they might be more likely to enjoy it. 

2: Offer Props

If you are looking for a way to tie your photo booth in with your wedding décor, consider offering props. For example, if you decided to go with an old Hollywood theme, you could have feather boas and top hats inside of your photo booth.

Consider offering interesting wigs, colorful scarves, and interesting glasses for your guests to try. For a fun nostalgic twist, offer pre-written conversation bubbles that guests can hold up in their pictures. Dressing up inside of your photo booth might help people to kick back and relax, so that they can enjoy the party.

3: Have Extra Print Media On Hand

After people have taken the time to coordinate their outfits and choose their props, it might be frustrating to discover that the machine is out of photo paper. To avoid photo booth disappointment, always have extra print media on hand. Make sure that your family members understand how to replace ink cartridges and photo paper, so that your booth can run all night long.

By directing traffic, offering fun props, and having extra print media handy, your guests can party into the night while you run off with your new hubby or wife.


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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