Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Wedding Photos

by Ernest Cox

Do you love your wedding photos, but are unsure of how to best display them? Wedding photos are often delivered in a book, a CD, or both. However, guests in your home aren't likely to spend time flipping through an album or watching pictures scroll by on a computer monitor. While a few framed pictures here and there may look nice, you also probably don't want framed wedding photos to overrun your home's decor. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can display your photos in a subtle and tasteful manner. Here are five creative ideas:

Christmas ornaments. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to remember your special day together? There are a number of Christmas ornament websites that will print a custom picture onto an ornament. Often, they can do it in a variety of styles, from a straight copy of the picture to an image that looks like it was painted on. If you have an ornament that you want customized, look for an artist in your area. You'll likely be able to find one who can use one of your photos as inspiration for painting the ornament.

Magnets. Have fun leaving notes for each other with customized magnets with images from your wedding. For this idea, you may want to mix up the magnets with romantic images and fun and goofy ones. Stick them all over your fridge so your guests can see them when they're over. This is a great way to incorporate your pictures into your kitchen without them dominating the room.

Cellphone, tablet, and laptop covers. Who says your pictures need to stay at home? There are plenty of sites where you can upload an picture and get a customized cover for your laptop or mobile device. Your guests will be able to see them when they're at your house, plus you can show off the pictures when you're on the go.

Coasters. Again, this is a subtle way to incorporate your wedding photos into your home's decor. You can mix-and-match the set of coasters with fun and romantic pictures. You can find a service to do this online or you can ask your photographer about it. He or she may be able to order customized coasters for you. The next time you have guests over, they'll be reminded of your big day every time they set down their drink.

Canvas photo. This is a great modern way to hang a special photo in your room. The picture is transferred to a canvas, which is then wrapped around the frame. The end result is an oversized, high-quality image that you can hang on your wall. Since there's no frame, the picture covers every inch of the space, giving the print a unique and special view. A popular use for canvas photo prints is for images that don't include your faces, such as an image of you and your spouse's hands interlocked.

Talk to your local art or photo store about other ways to display your wedding pictures. They can recommend unique frames, items, and presentation methods.


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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Event

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